Guild Rules as of 5-6-2013

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Guild Rules as of 5-6-2013 Empty Guild Rules as of 5-6-2013

Post by CenotekGenocide on Tue Feb 19, 2013 11:14 am

I plan to make sure that our guild is one where most members can enjoy themselves and feel comfortable. In order to accomplish this...these rules need to be understood by every member. In terms of enforcement - you will get 2 strikes (unless stated otherwise) and you're out. All infractions will be logged in the guild officer channel. In other words, we're making a list of who's naughty and on the good list and you're more likely to get the benefit of the doubt in a borderline judgement call by an officer.

1. No excessively vulgar, abusive, or otherwise offensive language or discussion in guild chat or on mumble speak. These are open public guild channels and must be treated as such. We all swear once in a while, but if you are making people uncomfortable or offending people, you've gone too far.

2. No racist, sexist, or otherwise discriminatory comments or discussion. Our guild members come from all walks of life and are here for fun...not to be assaulted by bigotry, immaturity, or ignorance. This even applies to those off-color jokes or jokes for special needs people that you think are really funny...they aren't. We will always make every effort to avoid the gaming community stereotypes and treat everyone with the same respect. This isn't a high school boys locker don't act like it is.

3. Representing - Be sure you represent the guild with all of your characters. If you are not representing the guild for an extended time, you will be given 1 whisper warning, and then you will be given 1 mail warning. After the mail warning is submitted, you will have one hour to represent and then you will be removed from the guild. We require representation because we believe in traditional monogamous guild membership. If you aren't participating in the community, chat, events, and helping the guild build aren't really in the guild.

3a. One exception to this is to access a guild farming bank that you have created on your own. We will allow you to do this minimally and we understand the need for extra space. Make sure you get permission from an officer before non-representation beforehand. Thank you.

4. Ranks - Members will be put into a trial status when they join the guild. There will be no access to guild vault or treasure trove. Once a member has been in the guild for a week, there will be an option to move up one rank (at an officer's discretion). This will give you access to the guild stash. This opportunity will be based on your loyalty, activity, and how well you follow the rules.

5. Guild Bank - Members will have a 2 item limit on withdrawal per day on equipment and items. If you pull out equipment that is not suited for you to wear... we will remove your guild stash privileges. The guild bank is intended as a place for members to share with each other and benefit from excess items. Please be courteous, this will be monitored.

6. Activity - There is no way to track how active you are. However, if you fall into unknown status, you will be removed from guild. That is about 2 weeks without playing. Special circumstances will of course be taken into account. Contact any officer if you will be away from the game for an extended period.

7. Open Door Policy - As officers, it is our job to make sure you are getting the most of your guild. We encourage you to come to any of us if there is any issue with a member, any suggestions for the guild, or with any other concerns you might have. Please do so... we look forward to the suggestions in making the guild better and a better environment for all. Very Happy

If anyone sees a rule that could use clarification, or if you think something should be added, please inform Tanryth or myself so we can update the rules. Thank you.

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