1v1 Monthly PvP Tourney every 3rd Sunday of month @ 9 pm EST

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1v1 Monthly PvP Tourney every 3rd Sunday of month @ 9 pm EST

Post by CenotekGenocide on Sun May 19, 2013 9:23 pm

And we are bringing it back!!!! Except this time... its a monthly tournament and not weekly!!!! Please put the subject when sending in your entry fee! As I take money for the lottery... I need to know what is for what. Thanks!

Entry fees: 50 silver (Start accepting entries from the first of the month until 2 hours before the tournament)
Send to : Korrina Deathblade
Subject: PvP Tournament Entry Fee

Body: Tell me which character you are going to use for the pvp tournament. This can be changed... I just need a roster b/c I am not familiar with account names and character names for everyone.

Winnings for the PvP tournament will go as follows:

1st place: 60% of entry fees
2nd place: 30% of entry fees
3rd place: 10% of entry fees (the two that lost in semi finals will fight again to see who gets 3rd place)



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